A Weather Report

There’s no warmth in February. The sun shines sometimes, but, the cold air takes over. Temperatures get around zero degrees and stay there for days on end. Cars drive by and exhaust pours out of their tailpipes. Snow lays frozen on the streets, turning gray and then into black; sidewalks have salt lines marked on them.

Little kids still hold hands in a line on their way to school; coats zipped up, hats stand tall with fury balls on top. Sports teams patches on the front of them; Bears, Eagles, Colts, some with Hoosiers knitted on in big red letters. They yell and laugh outside my window at seven in the morning as the light makes it’s way through. I wonder if my Christmas cactus is getting enough sun? It droops and there are leaves falling off. Some of the kids point at it as they stroll on by, looking inside my apartment; I say boo. They giggle and run along. Little feet in brown boots tied up with red laces. The Catholic church bell rings. Another day has officially begun.

The weather man says it will continue cold. No snow. Just cold. An Arctic burst of air coming down on the town we live in, covering the whole state. There is no warmth in February.

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