Another Night Alone

There’s not a prayer in the world that could bring you back to me, he said. Long time ago it ended, the old man pondered. Must’ve been thirty years ago when we called it quits. Two best friends turning into individuals hating each other.

Humans are cruel, he lit a cigarette, popped open a beer. We lie to one another. Cheat each other out of what true love really is. We don’t really know what true love is. Do we? he looked out the window. We just guess and go along. Guess and go along. Making mistakes along the way, children were swinging on swingsets across the street.

The old man felt his belly. It was getting big, round. His chest drooped. Skin tags were starting to appear. He watched the children play. And, he remembered what that was like. To play until sundown. Having mom call him in for dinner. Learning how to craft a sentence at school. Dealing with heart-break for the first time.

You think you’re fine, he mumbled. Think you’re on top of the world. A kiss in the hallway by the lockers, movies on Friday nights, parking under trees, all part of the process, he laughed. And then one day it’s gone. She’s gone. They’re gone. All the loves you ever had; gone. He put out his cigarette and drank his last sip of beer. Closed the shades. And turned out the lights. Another night alone.

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