Notes To Myself

Scribbling down notes to myself. Take a shower today; it’s been a while. Brush your teeth. Especially after you eat and before bedtime. Make coffee ahead of time. Wake up to a great smelling house. Read Dostoyevsky. Read Miller. Read Joyce. Read Beckett. Just read, you lazy bastard.

Buy more Ramen noodles. The cupboard is getting empty. Look at old photographs and remember. Take your medications. Every stinking one of them. God knows what it’s doing to my body and my brain. Maybe they’ve torn into the soul as well.

Check the obituaries. See who you’ve outlived. You’re running a good race. Watch what you eat. No more calf liver. No more tongue. I used to eat the hearts of chickens. She used to devour the hearts of men.

Go for a walk. Not too far. Take Tylenol. Baby aspirin. Drink orange juice. Swallow vitamin D. Look at life and count your blessings.You should’ve died a long time ago.

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