He’s watching you. In your bedrooms, bathrooms, dens, your hidden, most secret places. All your desires he knows.

In the car at night, smoking your last cigarette before pulling into the driveway; he knows. He sees you plain as day. Your lies, misgivings, affairs, nothing is closed off; sealed. There are no secrets.

At meetings in boardrooms across international waters where you lie, cheat, and steal; he knows. You think you are hiding something. It’s been a secret for so long. It eats away at you. He knows. He picks at the scab. Blood runs a little, then a lot. Soon, everyone knows of your fraudulent behavior. You go down a path by yourself. Alone. He knew the whole time you would wind up this way. You never asked for his help.

And now you stand there, waiting for a reason to live. A wife, child, career, a mistress, you need a reason to exist. He’s been there the whole time. He knows.

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