Evening Time

I hear yelling outside. Some guy screaming at his wife or girlfriend. She yells back at him. There is not much love there; just arguing.

A child is crying. I look out my window and see the woman holding the child. She’s waving a finger in her man’s face. The man grabs her hand and swats it down to her side. She raises her hand, and he grabs her wrist. The child is squirming. She places the baby on the concrete sidewalk and then pushes the man with both arms fully extended. The child screams louder. He picks the kid up, and she tells the kid to shut up. He walks away with the child. The mother hits him in the back. He keeps walking. She follows them down the street. In the distance, you can hear nothing. Just three people walking away. Crossing at the corner. A dog barks.

The sun is going down. Remnants of snow are melting. A cop car passes by.

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