Frank and Jack

It’s not like I didn’t tell you it was going to happen, Frank lit a cigarette, loosened his tie. I mean. What do you expect? These are hard times. Everybody’s caught in the mix. You think you got it hard? Look at the guy next to you, the man drank from his beer glass. I’m not wishing anything on anybody. I’m not hoping for someone’s demise. I just got to look out for myself. Take care of me and mine’s. You know what I mean?

His friend looked at him. Took a drink that had been bought for him. Started to talk, then lit a cigarette. Put the Zippo back in his pocket.

Listen. I know you’re in a jam, Frank said. We all are. it’s the country we live in. Banks falling apart. Gas is always high. Groceries getting more and more expensive. Take this, he handed Jack a twenty. I’ll take care of the tab. Have another drink.

I’m short this month. I can’t take a piss standing up, Jack said. Everything is wrong. Upside down. This, he looked at the twenty. This’ll get me a cab ride home.

Yeah. I guess you better walk.

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