Chasing Birds

Do you hear them?


The birds. They’ve come back. Nests are being made. Different colored eggs will fill them. Chicks will chirp while mothers sing. It’s really quite something. They fly south and then fly back. Like senior citizens.

I wonder where they go. Arkansas, Texas, Florida, Alabama. How far south do they go? We should follow them sometime, Grandpa. Get in the truck and chase them.

Can’t chase birds. Too fast. Fly too high.

We could pretend. Imagine that we’re following them. The same way we pretend that grandma’s in heaven.

You think that’s pretend?

Sam’s mom says it is. But, what does she know?

What do you think?

I think she’s in heaven. All good people go to heaven.


We should chase birds, Grandpa.

Yes. We should chase birds.

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