Pure Evil

Dogs barked next door. You couldn’t see them in the dark. It was just this ongoing barking. Then, there’d be silence for a little while, followed by more barking. Two dogs held in by a rusty chain link fence. Tied to a post in the ground. They were really making a ruckus.

Birds began singing as the sun approached. They sang loudly, joyfully. Dogs began to growl.

He got up and poured himself a cup of coffee. Drew the blinds back and saw a man pull up next door in an old truck. He’d never seen this truck before. The man, short and squatty, carried a shot gun. The dogs barked more.

The old man turned around for a second and heard gun shots. The dogs quit barking. He saw the shooter bang on the front door with his heavy foot; kicking at it. He decided to call 911. The door was opened. Shots were fired. Birds were still singing.

Squad cars pulled up too late. Red and blue lights made a circular motion. Sirens were turned off. A woman came to the door with blood all over her long tee shirt. She was crying and carrying on. Yellow tape was placed on the door that said, CRIME SCENE. DO NOT CROSS.

Birds really sang a chorus that morning. The sun shined on the dew. The old man just kept looking next door. Couldn’t figure out what happened. There’s evil in this world, he whispered. Pure evil.

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