I poured you some coffee. Got that creamer you like. The French vanilla kind, she nodded her head. He sat down next to her at the kitchen table. You need a spoon to stir it with? Again, she nodded her head. Her green eyes didn’t make contact with him. You’re awfully quiet. Like a mouse, he lit a cigarette. Why don’t you tell me what’s going on here, he said. Let’s get to the marrow of the situation, she took a drink. Maybe the French vanilla wasn’t the right kind. Maybe you need some Baileys in that coffee. Or, some whiskey.

Don’t need either. This is fine.

She speaks, his wife smirked a little bit. Threw her blonde hair up over her shoulder. It’s been a long time, he said. Long time. Twenty-five years. We been throuh a lot. I remember our wedding day. I was drunk as a skunk up there. Terrified. Making up vows as I went along. You just smiled. You took out a piece of paper and read yours off. Like you were giving a speech. Real lady like. You started crying, she laughed.

I’d had a few too that day.

Oh yeah. Couldn’t tell. You did everything perfect. Like you always do.

You going to get a job?

I don’t know. I try.

You don’t try hard enough. Tired of supporting us both. Aren’t you tired of it? he nodded his head. You’ve never held down a job. Whole time I’ve known you. And now you just…given up completely.

What’re you saying?

I can’t do this anymore.

You want a divorce?

I think so. Yes. I do.

OK. I’m going to take a nap. And when I get up, I’ll start looking for a place to live. I haven’t been alone for twenty-five years.

Sure you have. We both have. We just been playing house.

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