Why we got so much running around to do today? he asked as he drove through town. Every Saturday. Same thing. Go here, go there. Grocery store. Mall, he said while the kids yelled in the back of the truck. Sally. John. You kids get quiet, or I’m going to give you all something to yell about, his wife kept looking out the window; looking at the diner, tavern, hardware store, gast station, post office, she just kept looking. Watching as people came and went.

How about hamburgers and hot dogs tonight on the grill, he suggested. We’ll get some of that cheddar to put on em. Sound good? She turned to him and nodded her head. The light turned yellow, then red. How many people we gotta feed tonight? he asked. She stuck both hands up in the air with all ten fingers extended. The wedding ring was off. He didn’t notice. He didn’t notice that she put on lipstick that morning. Or complement her on her long blonde hair, all straightened out.

You’re awfully quiet. Just taking it all in, I guess. Let’s go to the mall first and get that over with, he said. What do you have to get there? She remained quiet. I see, he told her. I see what kind of a day it’s gonna be.

He turned on the radio. Jolene was playing. Kids kept yelling. She looked out the window.

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