The train rolled through town at a slow pace; brakes screeching, air whistling, an old black man in between cars waving his hat at the motorists who were stopped. The young boy waved back at him; placed two fingers in his mouth and whistled. He wondered where that train was heading. North, south, east, or […]

Just Before…

Winds blew and trees swayed back and forth to a rhythmic beat. It was the dance of nature. He watched from his front porch; sun casting shadows, flowers still showed off colors; Indian summer. And he looked at the black asphalt running in front of his house; shining like a new penny. Tall grass growing […]


There were no leaves on trees. Autumn had passed. In fact, autumn never came. It just turned from hot to cold in the blink of an eye. Snow had yet to come. He looked out the window of his hospital room. He’d been inside for months. The same old regimen, day in day out. Patients […]


The house was bare; no furniture in it. Not a pan or a pot in the kitchen. The bed was gone in the bedroom. An old love seat had vanished. He looked around the place for clues. Paintings which were once on the walls disappeared and things like lamps, chandeliers replaced with hanging light bulbs. […]


He stood in the hallway. Watched her every move. Saw her in the kitchen fixing coffee, adding cream to it. Looked-on as she sliced an apple. Peered in on her while she ate it one bite at a time. She didn’t love him anymore. He could tell by the way she slept on her side […]


There was no sound. He sat there quietly, listening to nothing. Thoughts ran through his head. Memories. Past sins. A cat purred on his lap. She said she was innocent. Or, was that how she came across; going to church on Sunday mornings and Wednesday nights. She sang in the choir. Went to Bible study […]

Dark Clouds

Watching the clock. Looking outside at the clouds growing dark. Eyeing the clock again; quarter ’til two. The blonde on the television says it’ll be coming before six o’clock. Almost black outside. Leaves are shaking. Waiting on the storm, I find myself at peace. It’s been a good run. Friends, lovers, adventures back and forth […]


She took Highway 21 heading south through cornfields, beans, alfalfa, cows grazing. Drove ’til she couldn’t drive no more. Just parked the car on the side of the road and started walking. Strolling down hot asphalt in the summertime without a care in the world. She prayed the old two lane would take her somewhere; […]


They watched the tide roll in at the break of dawn. Lake Michigan in September with autumn on the cusp. Soon the beaches would be cold and the winds crisp. Boats sailed ’til November. She skipped stones while he smoked a cigarette. The two of them, up all night roaming the city like coyotes in […]

The Game

This grass has been cut, turning brown, straw like. Tall weeds have taken over. Tomato plants dying of thirst. Peppers picked. Where is the rain? He started his days in the garden. A cup of coffee sat on a rock close-by. The old man used to water the plants and earth everyday. Until it became […]