She wondered what happened to him. He was with her one night and then gone. The young lady gave him her number. He never called. And he took off as soon as they were done making love. Said he had to get going. Had to get up early the next morning. Call me, she said, […]

They Never Kissed

They decided to meet down by the lake where they used to go as youngsters. The two thought it’d be best if they saw each other in the sunlight. When they were kids it was moon beams that shined down on em; swimming naked under starlight. He hadn’t seen her in years. The radio played […]

Guiding Star

He talked to her on the phone as he drove through New Mexico at night; red clay mountains making it darker; a star guided him. She spoke of old times; memories from a past that wasn’t perfect; he wasn’t perfect. The brunette sat at the mirror, looking at herself as they talked. Do you remember […]

The Door

Every time the wind blew open the screen door, he thought of her. The old wooden door being slammed to it’s frame reminded him of the night she left. He often thought of fixing it, but, the sound brought back feelings he thought he’d left behind. So he’d leave the door open in the spring […]

Good Night. Thanks, Dylan Thomas.

Mexicans were talking outside; some kind of part English, part Spanish talk; he couldn’t make out what they were saying. He watched from the back window as a group of them, three or four, sifted through garbage and stuff in and around the filled dumpsters. There was very little left. They took his old leather […]

The Garden

Earth gets dry in summertime; spring still moist from winter’s hangover; he’d kill for some rain. Prayed to the Lord above everyday for rain; wanted to watch his garden grow; yearned for a tomato, a fresh Hungarian wax pepper, something crisp he could bite into. His carrots weren’t looking that good either. The old man […]

Bus Trip To Gary

Looking out the window, he could see the snow melting on the Midwestern land. Just brown and white colors where come summertime there’ll be cornstalks growing in green. But, for now it was the last shades of winter; bare trees lined the highway. And the gray sky with hues of purple and orange swept into […]


It was time. This had gone on long enough. Look at him, he said to himself. Just look at him. All quiet. Silent. No words, nor laughter. A man long gone, the son whispered. You come into this world wailing and you go home without a noise. Strangest thing, he placed his hand on his […]


The sign said, SLEEPING ROOM FOR RENT, out in the front yard with snow all around. Had a number you could call, 260-745-0931, and the name of a landlord down below. He wondered how many people called, thought that a room sure would be nice for a change. He called the number from a pay […]

Times Change. Or, Do They?

The wind swung the wooden gate back and forth throughout the night. Cars passed through town; stopping at all night gas stations, donut shops, bar hopping. Teens packed in Fords, Chevys, Dodge pickups, raced up and down Main Street; daring the cops to pull em over. They should’ve been in bed hours ago. Parents were […]