I-80 runs from Teaneck, New Jersey and ends in downtown San Francisco. It goes through Pennsylvania and into the Midwest. The cities of Cleveland and Chicago whose souls were lost long ago. Across the Western states, God’s country, where cowboys and Indians still live amongst a pipeline and energy windmills. Northern California ends the trip […]

The Smell Of Rain

He sat in his truck waiting for the sun to rise. The rest stop on 80 was quiet. Not many travelers at that time of the morning. Just a couple of cars with their windows up. Folks inside them sleeping for a couple of hours. Windows fogged up. In the distance a crack of orange […]

After Hours

Streetlights glowed. Yellow light shined. Sounds of beer cans and bottles being tossed in a dumpster woke up the neighborhood. Closing time at Sully’s. The front door was locked. Money was taken off the bar. A few; a lucky few remained after hours. Shots were poured. Beer steins filled. A snifter of Grand Marnier sat […]

The Meeting

He sat on the edge. Feet firmly on the ground. Blankets pulled back. Could’ve swore he saw a bedbug. Clutching a pillow and waiting. Wanting his phone to ring. Or, hoping he could just sit in silence. Couldn’t decide between the two. Then his phone rang. The decision had been made for him. The number […]

Early Morning Rain Storm

Crying. The cat would not stop crying. He was perched right outside the old man’s window. Long whines. Almost yelling like it was being tortured or something. He got up and opened the door to the trailer and the cat took off into night. No sounds. Just left as fast as he could. Ran down […]

Bad Dreams

The old man had bad dreams. Horrible images ran through his head as he laid there in bed next to his wife. He heard the refrigerator humming down the hallway. Sounded like a train chasing him through town. A locomotive building up steam and following him. Coming close to running over him on the steel […]


His chest drooped. Belly was round, stuck out like a bowling ball. Legs were sticks. The old man was getting older everyday. Closer and closer to the other side. Soon his days would be finished. Done. Like a theif in the night. He’d be gone. He said he had faith. Was baptized as a kid. […]

Memorial Day

Black rooftops taking in sunlight Shadows of trees Grass is high Dandelions blown in the wind Weeds stand tall. A bird sings Sounds of lawnmowers fade in and out. Shredding dead leaves of winter. Patio parties with gin cocktails A lime in every glass Talk of vacations Weekend trips Smells of charcoal and burnt marshmallows. […]

Hide And Go Seek

He’s hiding. Could be anywhere. Behind the couch? Maybe there in the closet. Could’ve gone outside. Dashed behind a tree. Perhaps in a cave. Might’ve driven off into the night. He was always threatening to do so. Always. The old man poured himself another cup of coffee. There was no creamer in the house. Who […]

Goodnight America

Standing in the rain looking in. The windows have flowered curtains drawn back making a perfect view. Bowls are passed. Meat is cut. Mom and dad sit at the ends of the table. Kids drinking milk; a boy and a girl. She has pony tails and he’s wearing a Speed Racer tee-shirt. Dad has loosened […]