There was a fan blowing on the body laying next to him. Blonde hair was tossed just a bit. She talked in her sleep. Saying words of forgiveness. Some kind of healing was taking place. The young woman rolled over, grabbing more blanket. He was left very little. Just a bit of white sheet. The […]


Trees. Green trees. The winter came and left early. There was no spring. Hills of grass mixed with tall weeds covered the ground; land that just a month or two ago was brown.Funny how things come alive. He left Gary heading east. Drove past liquor stores, Dollar General, barbecue joints, barber shops, and gentlemen clubs. […]


He kept seeing a twinkling light in the sky; like the one that led the wise men to Jesus. It glowed brilliantly, shining throughout the night. Leading him down 41 towards Tere Haute, Evansville, southern Indiana. This light, a star perhaps, was his traveling companion, that and the radio tuned to a old time rock […]

Happy Anniversary

The spell was cast long ago. He didn’t know what hit him. Amongst drunks in a crowded tavern, the two of them met. Seated side by side at the bar, the two of them made small talk while a Van Morrison song blared from the juke box. Talk like, where you from? and, whatcha drinking? […]

Old Birds

Birds fluttered ’round the gutters pecking at old leaves that had been left there seasons ago. The old man could hear them, not see them, but hear them. They were talking to each other as the evening sun glowed. Maybe they were talking about how hot it was. He listened closer; still couldn’t make out […]

Here’s To The Road

The bison ran by the side of the road; penned in; running, just running. Parts of their winter coats still stuck to the sides of the animals; half skin, spots of fur. They drove along 41 looking at them. Fenced in animals. He wondered what that was like. There was very little conversation between them. […]

Us verses Them

People watched as he walked into the bar that night. It wasn’t as if there was a lot of folks in the place; just enough. Two men playing pool stopped their game. A young tough rolled his sleeves down. Women seated at the bar extended their arms to give him a hug. He took off […]


The blinds were closed. He looked at the world through lines. Outside, birds were chirping, singing a song. He could hear em, but, was scared to open the shades and take a look. He was frightened of what was out there. Long ago he used to roam the country. He’d travel to various parts of […]

The Burial

He looked at the swamps and the tall grass along U.S. 20. Cones in the middle of the road; sign saying, End Of Roadwork. The bushes had grown wild along the roadway. Limbs needed to be cut. More orange cones. Men in hard hats and neon vests directing traffic. Another End Of Roadwork sign. He […]

A Good Summer

A cold May tells me it’ll be a hot August, he said. The cicadas are gonna be out, singing their songs, I hum along too, the old man told his wife. She smiled and shook her head. The peppers and tomatoes should be coming up late June and into July. Nothing better than a tomato […]