Pride Of The Yankees

He let her set for awhile, didn’t call or go by the house; just let her stew. The young man wanted to see her, but, he learned from older men to just let em simmer before you stop by with flowers, chocolates, a ring you got at the pawn shop. This bright eyed boy followed […]

Another Day Has Passed

The floors were dirty; couldn’t eat off of em like mom’s. A good sweep and mop was needed; he was neglecting his duties; chores didn’t matter much anymore. He just let things go. Sitting in a chair with it’s fake leather peeling off, he could feel the filth on his feet; dust, cornchip bits, popcorn […]

Looks Can Fool You

Was it in Paris? Maybe Manhattan. We climbed stairs from one street to another. Sang in the rain. Held hands. It could’ve been Quebec. An accordion played in the streets. This couple dancing under a maple tree. How in love they looked. Looks can fool you. And that was years ago. Love was easy then. […]

talking to myself

You’re not sure what you want are you? Say one thing and do another. Good thing Christ was nailed to the cross. Otherwise, you’d be screwed my friend, he said as he smoked a cigarette, sucked it down to the filter, stomped it out. Is it some kind of a game to you? Just going […]


Noises came from the back of the bus throughout the night. Cell phones, laptops and voices all mixed together as the old Greyhound made it’s way down the two lane highways of the Midwest; cutting through fog and black skies, temperatures dropping, red taillights playing follow the leader, cigarette butts bouncing on pavement. He was […]

The Alley

He looks out a window from his rented room; the street below has no traffic; the bells of St. Patrick’s have yet to ring. This gray day offers no hope. Two cats hissing at each other in the alley as bums walk by collecting garbage from big blue dumpsters with rust on the hinges; the […]


He’d gone up to the mountains a few times; in search of peace and maybe in search of himself. Packed his truck with bottles of booze; some whiskey, cans of beer placed in a cooler. He planned on watching the sun go down with a drink in his hand and his green eyes peering out […]