The Game

This grass has been cut, turning brown, straw like. Tall weeds have taken over. Tomato plants dying of thirst. Peppers picked. Where is the rain? He started his days in the garden. A cup of coffee sat on a rock close-by. The old man used to water the plants and earth everyday. Until it became […]

Her list

She loves Crisp air Coffee and cigarettes Her child. She loves Pumpkin spice A cat named Henry Freedom. She loves Autumn’s air Being an aunt Ice cream cones. She loves Crying over a movie A song from her youth Ministry. And, I love her I will dance with you The list continues. Happy Birthday, Carla […]

The Exterminator

He sat at the kitchen table and watched mice congregate in the corner. Two of them, discussing mortgages, stocks, bonds. Holding drinks with umbrellas in them. Munching on some kind of smelly foreign cheese. Laughing all the way to the bank. The old man had seen these types before. Usually they were wise old rats. […]

The Fall

These nights. They last forever. Go to bed at 9 and wake up ’round 1. And for what? a slow leaking piss. Nothing feels complete anymore. Bottles of medications lined up like soldiers on the nightstand. A lamps lit light shines down on them. Three pills for mental health, a pill for cholesterol,thyroid, blood pressure. […]

He Let Go

Cones. Nothing but orange cones on the highway. Traffic backed up to Gary. Here comes the rain. Nothing is ever easy. He went looking for him. Maybe this was his last chance to see him. Perhaps it was the last time the old man could be a dad. He’d tried throughout his life to be […]

How Oswald Ruined His Day

Crickets sang in the dark. Pitch black. Just sound. Night time. No stars were out. It was a quarter moon. He could hear the rattle of old pipes in the basement. Tap water dripped. The old man turned the faucets tight. Looked in the mirror. New wrinkles had forged in his face. The thought of […]

Morning Dew

Morning dew has not left Fields fresh and green Soon they will turn brown White Green again Purple plums will be picked in the orchard Apples, pears, packed in bushel baskets Cuffs on pants soaked Children waiting on a bus Morning dew has not left May it never

Waiting For Autumn

She watched him through the kitchen window. He was pulling weeds in the backyard with a can of Old Style beside him. The can sweated in the heat. So did he. The ground was still wet from the morning dew. Or, maybe it was the rain from the night before. Mud caked on his boots, […]

Until Now

The young couple sat at the kitchen table looking at each other; trying to figure out whose fault it was. He blamed her; said she should’ve quit smoking. And, she blamed him; the night he got drunk and punched her in the stomach. They sat there. Not a word was spoken. Silence was interrupted by […]

Birdies And Eagles

He was on top of his game. A real square shooter. Never touched alcohol. Didn’t smoke. Gave up those vices a few years back. Drank a lot of coffee. And he played golf from sun up to sun down. Always trying to improve his game. Said it helped him in his attempt to become a […]