There was a sliver of light outside in the dark. He looked at it through the blinds; looked like a street lamp or something. It was too low to be the moon. Couldn’t have been a star. It shined. This small silvery light could be blocked out by his hand making it completely black inside […]

Dennis Weaver

He sat in the front room listening to rain hit the skylight. Bowls were placed on the kitchen floor to catch the water that dripped from the ceiling. The roof had damage done to it long ago. Never had the time or the money to fix it. Maybe it needed a shingle or two. He […]

Looking At Her

He saw her through the screen door hanging clothes out in the back yard. The wind whipped up making the white sheets ruffle in the cool morning air. The young man would just stand there and watch. Her thin body would bend over to pick up more clothes and then stretch to hang them. He’d […]

Another Long Night

The gate came unhinged that night; wind blowing on wood; metal against metal; the noise it made. Swinging back and forth while an alley cat moaned and a truck in need of a muffler started up. A cold breeze blew through the windows. He sat in the sun room as he often did at this […]

The Christmas Cards

Unopened letters lay on the leather foot stool in front of the old chair. There was insurance statements, books by Miller and Bertrand Russell, sandwich bags that held cookies in them from a nearby church, and a television remote. All piled on this falling apart foot stool. He’d sift through the items when he was […]

Manic Driving

He used to get excited looking at all the lights on 80. Head lights, road lights, lights from restauraunts, colorful neon signs glowing in the dark, tail lights passing him by; flicking burnt cigarette butts out the windows; orange dots bouncing down the road. On occasion he’d sing to himself. Old songs. Songs about beautiful […]

See you down the road

He could hear the hay trucks running down 41 in the early morning hours; sat there with his coffee; light on above the stove. She stayed asleep back in the bedroom. It’d be sometime ‘fore she woke up; night stretched into day for her. And he kept hearing the wind outside, blowing ’round trash cans […]

White Smoke

There was a loud noise from down the hall; people laughing behind a wooden door; some sound, people talking on a radio or television. It was Art Carnery. Art Carney talking to Jackie Gleason about drain pipes. Gleason questioned his expertise in this area, but, Carney seemed to know what he was talking about in […]

It Ain’t Easy

Seated on the mattress, trying to listen to noises outside at four in the morning. Different kinds of noise. Cars and trucks going up and down Lincoln Highway. Semis putting on air brakes. A dog barked. The windows were open. He liked the house to stay cold. Curtains blew in the breeze. He just sat […]

Red Chevy

There was nobody out there, Chuck said. I looked all over the county for that red Chevy pickup truck like you told me and nothing turned up, he lit a cigarette and opened his thermos to pour a cup of coffee. Did you try over by the river?, John C. asked. Sometimes bodies show up […]