The Deal Was Done

There wasn’t an inch of truth in what she said. Every word was a lie. Big stories made up ’bout being a dancer in New York. Said she was a Rockette. Did a show out in Vegas. A “B” movie star. Said she was married to Howard Hughes. Didn’t leave her a dime. Nothing to […]

Come home

It’s pitch black at 8:30. These August days will soon be over. Autumn is on the way. A new painting will cover earth. Streams will run cool. And frost will sting our hands as we walk through gardens of old. Out where squash grew in colors of green and yellow. The dew will seep into […]

Moon Dreams

He watched the moon from his bedroom window while his wife lay asleep, dreaming maybe. The light was a hazy yellow and it shined down on his street. He wanted to catch the rays, wad em up and make a doll for his little girl down the hall fast asleep, dreaming maybe. This was not […]


She heard nothing on that day back in January. New Year’s eve had come and gone. There was leftover glitter on her coat. A top hat hung in the closet; colors of gold, red, green in tiny particles stuck to the black velvet with a ribbon ’round it. She locked it away for good keeping. […]


The moon was yellow that night and only showin’ a sliver. They followed it in their ’67 Dodge Dart they’d bought from a priest for $500. Had 30,000 miles on it. Father would drive it to the liquor store and back each week for a number of years. All parts were original. So they followed […]

Don’t That Beat All

A cool breeze blew through the kitchen window; smell of scrambled eggs and biscuits made it’s way ’round the house; permeating every room; it was time to get up. Time to start the day. It wasn’t too soon that they were all gathered at the table, Jesse, Ann, and their son Jack, that the phone […]

Hotel Bar

This is what I do, he said. I travel all over the tri-state region selling paper products; toilet paper, paper towels, paper plates, napkins, anything made out of paper, he rolled up his sleeves revealing a gold watch on one wrist and a gold plated bracelet with his initials on it, BK, on the other. […]

Never been kissed

She looked out her kitchen window at the tall oaks, cedars, and pines. Leaves were falling. Backyard needed a good raking. Slowly the leaves danced on air ’til they hit the ground. Leaves of yellow, gold, red, rust all waltzed to the sounds of nature; a dog’s bark, cat’s meow, the noise of children singing […]

The Jubilee

She spoke in tongues. Some crazy language that brought her closer to God. Up there in front of the church she stood; rattling on like nobody’s business; arms stretched out like she was receiving the holy ghost. Like she was filled with the spirit. And there were others up in front as well; singing and […]

The Ice Cream Barrel

The air-conditioner rattled throughout the night; it worked half-heartedly. The two of em laid there in bed sweating; it was too hot to make love; that was his excuse. She tossed and turned throughout the night; saying strange thoughts out loud, daddy stop, you’re not the boss of me, he sat on the side of […]