Time. Seems like all you have is time. Watching rain fall from dark clouds, I am reminded of time. And, it all goes so quickly. You’re left wondering where life went? There are those who stay in one place all their lives. I did not choose that route. Moving from town to town. Always behind. […]

God’s Will

The weather man said there was tornadoes coming to the counties of Jasper, Lake, and Newton ’round ten o’clock. Winds kicked up and the sky turned gray. Rain was falling. The dog hid under a table. They kept the TV on. Maps ‘cross the screen showed colors of green, yellow, and red. Newton was covered […]

Except The Rent

Thinking of you in August. Autumn ever so close. Walks through Central Park looking at people pushing baby strollers. Listening to Coltrane and stopping for a moment’s kiss. My first room in Manhattan cost $250 a month. That was back in ’86. Now days it’s a town house on 24th Street; the Y close by […]


It rained. River was high, streets flooded, a playground with swingsets submerged; cars floating down streets. It was like Louisiana, 1927; brown water as far as the eye could see. They were up on their roof. Sat there for hours. Waiting, waiting for a chopper to save them. Water was rising. And they talked about […]

I Don’t Know Anymore

What makes us stop and take notice? a child playing in the leaves on a cool autumn day? some woman sitting on a barstool with a low cut shirt on? the heroics of a pedestrian saving a life at the last second? bombs going off over seas? What we watch everyday is this ongoing series […]

That’s For God To Decide

He was questioned for hours; endless cups of coffee, cigarettes. Told the detectives he couldn’t remember; it was all just a haze. Said he wished he could help em out, but, he just couldn’t think straight. Little things cluttered his mind. They showed him pictures from the crime scene. A body, her body, lay there […]


He pulled up in her driveway at 1:00 that morning. She’d had a hard time sleeping. Thoughts raced through her head, bad dreams. The young woman tossed and turned ’bout em. Never could sleep with a clear conscience. Thinking old thoughts, one’s that had cluttered her mind for the longest of time; sins she had […]

Just Fun

There were stories written ’bout him. Small town news covered his career. Every race he won and some that he lost had ink to em. Car races and church chicken dinners were a staple in the Morocco newspaper. He’d kept all the black and whites of him and his car in his shop hanging next […]

Due East

He walked throughout the Midwest on blacktop roads and two lane highways; skipping stones, a satchel on his back. He’d traveled from Nebraska across Iowa and into Illinois; taking his time, had nowhere to go. The young man carried a compass with him. His daddy had given him that instrument, said put it to good […]

Night On 41

The sounds of cars, semis, running on 41. Some going south to Terre Haute and others traveling north to Chicago. Passing one another in the dark night air from the left lane over to the right. Again, from the left lane over to the right. Driving over bridges where the river has grown high. Men […]