The Yellow Suit

He bought a suit. His wardrobe was needing one. It was a bright yellow material. Got a blue tie to go along with it. In all his years he’d never owned a suit. He had jeans and corduroy, but never a brand spanking new suit. Never could afford one. And, when he was a little […]


He called in the evening time, sun was still out, just going down behind the hills to the west. Hadn’t talked to her in so long, years. Didn’t quite know what to say. It wasn’t as if he missed her, but, there was something that pulled on his sleeve. First he got her answering machine, […]

Short Story On A Long Walk

If you’re walking on 40 towards Oklahoma, a lot goes on in your mind. Semis going past you, cars with families heading to San Diego, or maybe Vegas, Dallas, or a vacation at the Grand Canyon, whiz by; a kid in the back seat waves. And then there’s these old pickup trucks hauling Mexicans off […]

The Countdown

The imprint of night left a dull look on his face. No longer was he excited by the stars, moon, gray clouds moving in, the blackness of the sky. And, he was no longer enthused by the beauty of day light; this golden sun meant nothing to him. Often he’d look up at it and […]

Sunday Lunch

The men sat in the backyard on stools, folding chairs, quarter cut tree trunks; stood ’round the barbeque grill, smelled that charcoal turning gray. Talked a little, mostly just sucked on Budweiser bottles. Opening em up one after another. Women folk stayed inside out of the Sun, peeling potatoes, chopping slaw, making sauce for the […]

Just like the old man

The old man couldn’t sleep last night. He didn’t even know how long it’d been. Up so late, staring out at the one street light. Christmas colors on some of the houses, but, mostly pitch black in the skies, moon was covered by a haze, stars weren’t out. Just a darkness, a weariness ’bout the […]

The Crows

The crows stayed North for the winter this year. In the past they’d fly down South like retirees; Arkansas, Texas, Mississippi, warm places. Tells me there’s a change in the air. The climate is changing. Soon North’ll be South and life will change too. He used to watch em out on the telephone wires from […]

Eskimo Kisses

Winter came early. Snow, rain, slush on sidewalks, your hand not there. And, it darkened early. Only the moon gave guidance. Oh North star, where are you? Lifeless grass yellows. Autumn has gone. You have left. My shadow haunts me. I’ve yet to see your face. We played as children. Rubbing noses. Eskimo kisses. Love […]

Highway 24

They sat there in a line of cars a couple of miles long. Waiting, the two of em could see cop lights flashing up ahead; an ambulance went past then another. The sounds of semis standing still while drivers in Ford’s, Chevrolet’s, and a Dodge worked their way out of line to take off in […]