He sat in his room Watching rain fall Listening to rain fall Not wanting it to stop Let your tears drop In puddles of a seedless ground This nothingness Thinking of her Lost in clouds Wanting Waiting For light Wishes never come true And it is she that will not come It is she Above […]

Modern Romance

And one day it was over; he was no longer in love. Was he ever? hard to say. He told her he was in love under duress. It was if she forced him to say it. She was pushy that way. Always wanting to hear what she wanted to hear whether that be truth or […]

All He Asked

He watched the hawk circling in the clouds, swoop down and pick up its prey. He thought of this, seeing the massive bird carry the squirrel in the sky, taking it back home for dinner. It was nature, the food chain and all that. Watching out in the woods, surrounded by oaks and pines, hearing […]

A Man Can Only Take So Much

Both of em wanted different things out of life. They could never come to a consensus. Always disagreeing ’bout something. There were so many times that he’d threaten to leave her; he didn’t. It was all just talk, foolish talk. And, she threatened to leave him. Then she’d ply her magic on him and they’d […]

A black and white of Sam Shepard

The bus left Chicago at five in the morning; darkness downtown, only the moon shined so brightly. Bums asking for a quarter, dollars, gas money to get em back home, hope, a cup of joe. He sat in the back amongst the drunks; air filled with gin and cheap wine; the bathroom in constant use. […]


They walked through town. Past the liquor store, card shop, adult bookstore, the gas station where he used to get condoms when he was a kid. Today they walked at a slower pace. And they walked by the movie theatre. Saw Planet Of The Apes with Charlton Heston back then, a long time ago. Charlton […]

The Hospice

The room was quiet. No one said a word. He laid there in the bed having his brown hair combed by a nurse, his face was shaved, and there was no expression. He had none at all. Just tubes tied to his arms and oxygen pumped into his nose. He seemed at peace. His brother […]


There were times when he’d just take off at a moment’s notice. He’d go anywhere; East coast, New England, Texas, out in the red clay of New Mexico. Always made sure there was gas in the truck. ‘Bout the only thing he was sure of. He started taking these trips when he was a youngster. […]

He Listened

He’d listen to her. That’s why she stayed with him. He listened. She’d go on and on all evening long about unimportant stuff; what the neighbor lady was up to, the price of cucumbers at the Piggly Wiggly store, should she stay blonde or try a different color? He’d listen. And he worked all day. […]

Who Knows?

Sounds came from the garage. A moaning of some heavy machinery came and went throughout the night. Occasionally you’d hear a man cursing. God damn this and God damn that along with other swear words could be heard down the block where the streetlights stayed dim in the midnight air and cop cars cruised by […]