It was time. This had gone on long enough. Look at him, he said to himself. Just look at him. All quiet. Silent. No words, nor laughter. A man long gone, the son whispered. You come into this world wailing and you go home without a noise. Strangest thing, he placed his hand on his […]


The sign said, SLEEPING ROOM FOR RENT, out in the front yard with snow all around. Had a number you could call, 260-745-0931, and the name of a landlord down below. He wondered how many people called, thought that a room sure would be nice for a change. He called the number from a pay […]

Times Change. Or, Do They?

The wind swung the wooden gate back and forth throughout the night. Cars passed through town; stopping at all night gas stations, donut shops, bar hopping. Teens packed in Fords, Chevys, Dodge pickups, raced up and down Main Street; daring the cops to pull em over. They should’ve been in bed hours ago. Parents were […]


The little boy sat at the kitchen table drawing pictures on construction paper with Crayons. He drew fire engines, semis, station wagons, people, and a dog. The colors of the objects ranged from red to green, bits of orange, and though he didn’t know it, chartreuse; he liked the way it looked on white paper. […]

Lover Man

The soup was store bought; a can of tomato with a grilled cheese on rye. It was good and comforting to the fellow at the table; washed it down with a cup of coffee. He knew he had to be leaving soon. Tell me a story, she said. A real story. One about your many […]


He’d traveled going south through Ohio and into Kentucky in a ’67 Dodge Dart that he bought from a priest for $500. Had less than a hundred thousand on it, he wanted to see how far he could take it. Wanted to wind up in New Orleans. Go down there and see about getting a […]

The Old Cat

He could see light from under the doorway. Smelled a cigarette burning as well. The late late show was on. A rerun of McMillan And Wife. He could hear Rock Hudson’s voice, then some commercial for the SPCA with that hollowed sad music playing as countless dogs are shown suffering in the cold, chained up. […]

Long Distance Valentines

There were two queen size beds in the hotel room; they slept in one. Talked about old times, where they were this time last year, break-ups and make-ups; whatever happened to that cat? The love between them never wavered. There were times when maybe they loved each other too much; midnight phone calls, bus rides […]

The Storm

The truck rolled through town down Main Street. Some people were out on the sidewalks for a stroll while kids drew stick figures with different colors of chalk. The church bells rang and the farmers market was wrapping up over on Pine Street. They hurriedly put their goods away; looked like rain. And, it smelled […]


There was snow piled high in the streets; covered everything; cars, trucks, tricycles, concrete blocks in the yard, old remnants of Autumn, were burried in the white fluff with crystals on top. Old Men speaking Polish stood in driveways with shovels and cases of beer, wearing sweatshirts and workpants with boots laced-up, as fumes from […]