Nature’s Promises

We traveled the back woods ‘cross streams and ponds, over hills and what appeared to a boy’s eye to be mountain tops. All the trees were green from summer’s paint job; God’s steady hand on the brush. There was all kinds of animals runnin’ ’round; deer and squirrels, jack rabbits and antelope, a few beavers […]

The Fireplace

There was no fire in the fireplace. Just a cold draft came into the room from the open flue. The wind stirred old ashes ’round and made a tunnel like noise, but, no fire. Wood was stacked neatly on the racks and bundled up newspapers lay under the hickory and cherry wood. Nobody lit a […]

She’s Already Left

There was some kind of mystery to her; could never figure her out. One day she’d be jumping in the lake like a child, while on other days she stayed in her room and wept; balling like a baby wrapped up in a blanket; sometimes she kicked and screamed too. The days with her went […]

She Was Gone

He looked at the pile of stuff on the kitchen table. Outdated credit cards, used gift cards, combs, brushes, eyeliner, a tube of pink lipstick, some change; all of it just dumped on the table. It was like she was cashing in. Giving up. Leaving pieces of her behind. Small pieces. The old man looked […]

She has other ideas

No one wants to talk about it,she said. This mess you’ve made, she continued folding clothes, phone on her shoulder. I know you ain’t afraid of him. But, why go startin’ somethin’ when you don’t have to, the woman put a towel down on the couch and lit a cigarette. You just listen to me […]

He’s Back

He’s out there, she thought. Outside marking his territory, the skinny girl kept thinking. All ’round the yard, the corners of the house, the streets here in town. Lettin’ everyone know that he’s back. Maybe this time for good, she took a swig of coffee and flicked an ash in the green glass ashtray. It’s […]


She took off in the used pickup truck he’d just bought. Said she wanted to go out for a ride; two weeks and he still hadn’t heard from her. They put out an A.P.B.. Reported her as missing. Said she left in the afternoon wearing blue jeans, cowboy boots, and a white tee-shirt; said her […]